Devices & Technicians Needed To Carry Out Smoke Test Exercises

It is just too easy to do. You install your own handy smoke detector, one that you can just as easily purchase down at the hardware store, and there you go, you have your smoke detector. But have a chat with those who’ve tried out this and somehow landed themselves in a lot more bother than they originally planned to bargain for. For the time being, however, just remember that a smoke test vacuum leak cannot be picked out by that handy hardware store device, nor for that matter, by you. So, what needs to happen is the following.

smoke test vacuum leak

And it is also based on what may have happened to those who sprung a leak in more ways than one. It goes like this. So, great, you have this smoke detector in place. But then some poor guest lights his pipe and there goes the detector. Off. And it makes the most irritating noise too. And all that the gentleman was doing was lighting his pipe. Like it was no one’s business, he really was not bothering anyone.

But perhaps he was. These days, most buildings, if not, all of them, have a strict no smoking policy installed. Whether this is being done of the property owner’s own accord or in terms of the law no longer matters. From a risk management point of view and from a fire hazard point of view, it certainly does matter, never mind the damage that the smoke will be doing to those in close proximity to the pipe smoker, otherwise regarded as passive, but involuntary smokers for the most part.

But when the real smoke comes, you would not know what hit you. Real damage that only a proper device and inspection would have been able to pick out.