Restoration Work That Preserves Heritage

capitol dome restoration

It has to be said that not every town will have a capitol dome in the center of it. But in its stead, it could be that this town without a capitol dome, for now, already has its own steeple, whether this has something to do with the very first chapel erected in this town or the bell tower that was being erected to herald the inhabitants, come one, come all, to hear the important news of the day. In fact, so long ago, long before towns had their own printing presses, and certainly long before you had cable, this was how the news of the day was read. From the steps of the city or town’s town hall.

And with the town’s major domo’s steeple or capitol dome in the background, watching over all and sundry. In those days, it took years to erect the town’s capitol dome. Today, not much has changed. It still takes forever and a day to arrange for a capitol dome restoration project. The fact remains that no matter how enterprising the work is, there are still too few special hands and minds to complete the work. Hearts and minds need to be in the right place too. When repair and restoration work commences, it is not just a case of merely repairing one building that has long since seen its better days.

It is more a case of going back in time. You locate the exact day and date, the year too. And you are able to start looking into your town’s ancient heritage and start looking into ways in which you can preserve its heritage for the next one hundred years or so. This is something that the steeplejack does well enough by now.